Mater Dolorosa and St. Joseph Parishes

Mass Intentions For The Week

Saturday March 17, 2018– Mater Dolorosa

4:00 PM Aunt Babe—Paul & Brenda Callihan

Sunday March 18, 2018--Mater Dolorosa

8:00AM Robert Wiles— Fred & Martha Callihan

Sunday March 18, 2018—Saint Joseph

10:30 AM Alice Schroth—Joanie & Chuck Spaulding

Monday March 19, 2018—Mater Dolorosa

12:00 PM Fred Lehner—Joyce & Dan Mennor

Tuesday March 20, 2018—Mater Dolorosa

9:00 AM Veyla O’Donnell (In Honor of)—Ken & Jane Fair

Tuesday March 20, 2018—St. Joseph

11:30 AM Lloyd Harvey—St. Joseph Christian Mothers

Wednesday March 21, 2018—No Masses

The Light is On For You!

Confessions: Mater Dolorosa Church

6:00—8:00 PM

Thursday March 22, 2018—Chicora Medical Center

10:00 AM Living & Deceased Members of Mater Dolorosa and St. Joseph Parishes

Friday March 23, 2018—Mater Dolorosa

9:00 AM No Mass

Friday March 23, 2018—Saint Joseph

12:00 PM Father Schaughnessy—St. Joseph Christian Mothers

Friday March 23, 2018—Saint Joseph

7:00 PM Stations of the Cross

Saturday March 24, 2018– Mater Dolorosa

4:00 PM Mary & Joe O’Donnell—Anne Pistorius, Michelle & Family and Shawn & Family

Sunday March 25, 2018--Mater Dolorosa

8:00AM Americo & Josephine Paoli—Joseph Paoli

Sunday March 25, 2018—Saint Joseph

10:30 AM Mary H. O’Donnell—Joyce Graham & Family

 Please Remember in your Prayers

Bryce Cunningham
Mary Williams
Yvonne Benson
Tanner Easley
Brandon Timblin
Bill Graham
Christopher Bowser
Aaron Cunningham
Grace Berteotti
Jackie Zupan
Matthew Alessandroni
Larry Simpson
Mike M.
Bob Brown
Wesley Osmer
Chris Snyder
Kathy Steiner
Carol King
Jimmie Graham
Tim Double
Katrina Barger
Victoria Ball
Jeanette Timblin
Terry Kennedy
Patty Bowser
Tom Kusick
Jay Blanshen
Serafine Genevao
Leanne Landsperger
Harold Ritzert
Dylan Parker
Father Bill Ritzert
Patrick Neff
Ronnie Schrecengost
Robert Sparks
Alison Fisher
Veyla Laine O’Donnell
Mary Sue Wilson
Beth Hack
Special Intentions
Greg Hooks
Sarah Grove
Victims of Violence
Mary Bauer
Phyllis Sirochman
J. Sheppeck
Tim Murray
Judy Neigh
Fr. William Komakech
Wanda Clawson
Patrick Murray
Sean Murray
Vince Ritzert
Adam Bell
Stacey Kriess
Frank Drew
Deborah Berteotti
James Meissner
Cork Ramsey
Jack Blanshan
Gale Smith
Mary Lake

Helen Snyder
Kim Kennedy
Grace Davidson
Phyllis Musthof
Davey Wilson
Jonathan Birchark
Ethel Scott
Judy Scott
Chris Studeny
Mike Nebel
Judy Roxberry
Jean Barger
Ralph DeStefano
Patty Huff
Kathy Scherder
Barb Serich
Fr.Michael Maranowski
Damion Young
Molly Hegedus
Ethan Garris
James “Matt” Bartoe
Bill Coradi
Marg Karenbauer
Margaret Steighner
Joseph Phillips
Michelle McElravy
Virgil Cousins
Sally Swigart
Gertrude Flick
Hendrix Mullen
Debba Bresnehan
Brad Miller
Tom Dunn
Mary Jo Farone
Cindy Coleman
Marion Frye
Dan Steighner
Patty Powell
Kora Ryder
Lou Wesoloski
Pat Bishop
Father Rick
John Ciferno
James Kusner
Verna Craig
Bob Northime
Mary Lou Waltman
Michelle Krill
Seene Doctor
Sherry Koeghler
Sherry Gibson
Bruce Dunmyre
Lori Kriess
Carol Collins
Luke Sciulli
David Summerville
Ethel Jean Deal
Wally Wilson
Joan Peters
Rhonda Ball Rumbaugh
Joan Ball
Joan Bresnehan
John Marchyshyn Family


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